how YAP can work for you

How You Agency Press can work for you

You Agency Press is a new project in the field of online journalism. When fully implemented we’ll have set up a professional platform of journalistic exchange- one that is democratic and open to all media outlets and, most of all, to all talents in search of a new window of opportunity or a new market place for their work.

We’ll be betting on the concept of multiplying the sources of stories and contents as well as voices and partners.

Basically, YAP wants to build an exclusive network of independent minds in journalism to propose an ample look at our time, and report on it honestly, thoughtfully and in depth, on as many supports as possible and to all sorts of outlets.

Our focus is on all the analytical contents you can offer us. Our ambition is to embrace the complexity of our world and produce a collective journalism that breaks all that down.

For that, we need you to join us!

To know how clic here!

Be part of our network and become a contributor right now!

After that first step forward you will be able to answer to assignment requests, ask others for help in your projects or publish new contents on your domain of expertise through our site.

This beta version of the site offers a limited amount of resources. In the near future we’ll be migrating to a more comprehensive version, with taylor made tools to accomplish our vision.

Nevertheless, all transactions between our contributors and media outlet buyers will have their methods and forms of payment initially established peer to peer.

More generally, for the first months of development, we will not take any fees for the transactions that, we hope, will take place inside our agency.

Our business model will rely on the collection of fees for every transaction occurring inside our network.

Those who decide to participate as associates will share the profits as soon as we get there.


For things to work out just fine we are also looking for professionals- we need your talent and initiative.

For that, YAP is recruiting, as future associates, talented people:

  • Journalists to act as curators of content, editors and fact checkers;
  • Community Managers to promote and animate all our activities in and around our network of users;
  • Administrators to follow up and steer our business plan all the way to the full implementation of our project;
  • Solicitors or jurists to translate in a legal form our relations as associates, as well as to contractualise our future dealings with our clientele.

So, send your resume and apply here!